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Why don't some of the models show their face?

That's an easy one to answer. It's not a regular day when some guy comes up and asks you to model your feet for a group of people who want to see it. Often, the idea that their faces won't be shown is the main selling point.

Do they make custom videos?

I'm working on that. Since most of the guys on this site have been photographed on my various travels around the country, its difficult to link up and shoot customs at this time. I definitely have this in the works for the future.

How do you find these guys?

It's a mixture of luck and sheer determination. I tend to look for the guys who never would have considered doing something like this before I came along. I find a lot of websites tend to focus on a select group of guys as their models. I like to think I'm filling in the gaps.

Do you have a foot fetish?


Do you pay these guys?

Again, absolutely. Every guy on this site receives compensation for their time. Which means, at this point, that it's coming right out of my pocket. Which is why I sell certain vids. I sometimes get some blowback from people upset that they have to purchase some of my content. My response: Go out, find a straight guy who never thought about modeling his feet before, convince him to model said feet, film it, edit it, post it on the webserver you pay for, and and then send me an email saying that $10 is too much for a vid.

Why do you sell videos?

Since I pay these models, I have to get the money from somewhere. I pay them out of pocket, and then try to recoup the costs through video sales. Trust me, I'm not getting rich off of this. Every single dollar I get goes back into this website, in the form of paying for the domain, booking more models, getting props for the shoots, etc.